Supervision Counsellors


Counsellors under this category provide supervision for other counsellors. 

Qualified supervisors typically may have taken training to become a registered supervisor with their association or college.

Supervision may be ongoing or for specific issues regarding a clinical or ethical concern. 

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Megan Sutherland

Warm, accepting, inclusive and practical best describes my personal therapeutic style. I also place a high value on careful listening, empathy, professional ethics and accountability.  I believe that all people... Read more

Lee Lourdeaux

For my list of post-graduate trainings, please see my website. Everyone's story is unique and no therapy session follows a predictable path. Yet the following steps provide a general outline of how your therapy... Read more

Lucy Snider

M.Sc., RCC
    • Online booking
Are you looking for sex therapy, relationship therapy or couples counselling? Are you struggling with a sexual problem and don't know who to talk to? Are you having difficulties in your current relationship or are... Read more

Jennifer Vishloff

    • Online booking
Many of the clients I’ve worked with feel overwhelmed by their emotions. On the outside they are able to be successful through a lot of hard work, but inside they feel like they’re barely holding it together... Read more