Public Resources

"How to find the right counsellor", self-help links, mental health resources in B.C., our Directory of Counselling Professionals and much more..."

The section now covers a range of topics of interest, with articles written by members of the professional directory for and were written by counselling professionals. We hope that you find this information to be useful.

Workshops, presentations, educational sessions, seminars. These seminars have been added to this section if they relate to personal development and/or may help individuals to gain insight and skills to address issues in their lives. You may find something here that you wish to pursue. All listings provide brief descriptions of the events, contact information, and dates and times of events.

B.C. mental health information including groups, organizations, and other resources. We are always adding sites to this section, so if you know of one that would seem relevant, let us know. Although you may find some links that relate to resources outside of British Columbia they have only been added if they are seen to be of particular value to the individuals that visit this site.

Some useful information about finding the right professional and asking relevant questions. Although not comprehensive, this page provides some information that will help you decide which professional is right for you.