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Vancouver based CounsellingBC recognizes that consumers of counselling and psychological services are typically looking for help for a variety of issues and symptoms.

The directory section is extensive and covers a large range of other geographic regions, with several North Vancouver Counsellors, West Vancouver Counsellors, and hundreds of other counsellors and psychologists throughout the Lower Mainland and other BC locations.

In total there are about 600 psychologists, counsellors, and other professional therapists available to help with almost any concern. Since there is such a large number of therapists on the site you may wish to search by both location and area of practice which can be accomplished at the new Custom Search page. You may also wish to search for a counsellor based on what approaches they use as therapists.  This is also possible.

There are a large number of areas of practice on the site. Anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, excessive anger and addictions are just some of the issues that bring individuals and couples to CounsellingBC's  Professional Directory and you can find counsellors who address your specific issues.

Many people come to therapy with specific symptoms. Some of these symptoms begin as a result of trauma or a series of traumas. Some result from abusive relationships patterns. Many have their roots in childhood. Counselling and Psychological services helps you to work through issues to resolve these symptoms.  Good counselling can be transformative.

Since November of 1999, CounsellingBC.com, a 100% Canadian website based in Vancouver, has been committed to providing individuals, couples, and families in BC with the counselling assistance they need via up-to-date information about resources that promote healing and recovery.

Values: CounsellingBC.com endorses the client's right to receive counselling from professional practitioners who respect and embrace diversity. It is important that you feel that your counsellor actively endeavours to understand and respect your cultural background, if she/he does not share the same background. CounsellingBC.com does not condone discrimination based on age, colour, culture, ethnicity, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital, or socioeconomic status. As such, CounsellingBC.com recognizes that healthy family relationships can exist when diversity of any of the above forms exists within the family unit. 

We realized how challenging it can be to find a counsellor or psychologist for individual, couples, or family assistance, via the phone book or local newspapers, and so we created a site that has literally helped thousands of people do the research they need to do to find help. CounsellingBC is easy to use and user friendly. We strongly believe that clients do not need to be frustrated by dead links so if you click on a specific geographic region or area of practice you can be sure that there is always at least one professional listed.

Many of the counsellors and psychologists in the Directory have indicated that the clients who have contacted them, via the site, have "done their homework" and are grateful that they were provided with several options and useful information. Now when individuals are dealing with issues of trauma and its effects, including pain, addictions, depression, anxiety, they have choices, and CounsellingBC.com provides them via information and a professional directory.

The site has helped thousands of individuals find individual counselling, marriage counselling, and family counselling in their own communities. The professionals on the site utilize a wide range of therapeutic appoaches, that are included in the information in their listings. Overall, the site serves as an excellent starting point that often leads to the rich information that many professionals have on own their own websites. In short, CounsellingBC.com has been and continues to be a hugely helpful resource.

We continue to create better ways to provide information and assist individuals with their desire to make an informed decision about their counselling options. The site presently has many other components, in development - all of which have come from feedback from individuals who have used the site.

Presently our directory includes counsellors, psychologists and other therapists with offices covering a wide geographic area including Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Kelowna, Maple Ridge, Nanaimo, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Victoria, West Vancouver, and White Rock. Within Vancouver there are multiple areas represented including East Vancouver, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Granville, UBC, and several counsellors and psychologists with offices along West Broadway. As a result of the density of counselling therapists in the Vancouver area, if you do live there, it is possible to find a counsellor or psychologist in the directory who is able to help you with virtually any issue that you bring to his or her office.

There are also highly trained professionals on the site who are able to provide counselling services in languages other than English. Presently there are  over 25 languages represented.

CounsellingBC.com is increasingly being used as a resource by individuals seeking counselling services, professionals wishing to network with other professionals, and a variety of organizations that are seeking information. In addition, Citytv, CBC Radio, CKNW Radio, The Georgia Straight, The Province, Canadian Living Magazine, Homemakers online and a number of other publications have used CounsellingBC.com, and its directory of counsellors, therapists and psychologists as a valuable resource for programs and articles.

Updated:  JUNE, 2018