(Counsellors and psychologists on the site may increase their visibility and the effectiveness of their listings by creating a "well produced" audio or video with their listing, rewording their listing, and/or adding articles to the site.  As with any form of media exposure there are always a range of ways to help clients see what you have to offer professionally.)
Please note that these are some individuals' experiences and may vary significantly between individuals.
Please note that we do not solicit this feedback and have gotten less consistent about posting it. Here is a recent one though ...
Thanks so much for creating this amazing website!
(Deborrah Dunne, Phd. RCC, September, 2014)
I have found the CounsellingBC referral service to be a great benefit to my private practice, and I would highly recommend the referral service to other counsellors.  At the moment I won't be renewing my listing but if needed in the future I would greatly  appreciate using your service again... thank you again...
(Susan Vincent, April, 2014)
I find this listing is the only one that has paid for itelf many times over.
(Heather Vido, M.A., RCC, February, 2014)
I  love your service: I get lots of referrals through CounsellingBC.com and love the new updates you recently added.
(Bonnie Hall, M.Couns., RCC,  February, 2014)
You guys really do a great job over there and I appreciate it greatly. Most of my clients find me through your site. Thank you! 
(Heather Hennenburg, M.Ed., CCC, October, 2013)
You all do an amazing job and I appreciate the exposure this website gives me. You provide a valuable service and I appreciate how you are constantly enhancing that service.
(Marilyn Ibsen, MC, RCC  Oct, 2011)
We wanted to let you know how happy we've been with counsellingbc. We opened up our practice in November, 2010 and since then have had on average 40 visits to our website a month, with new clients calling on a weekly basis, all from your site.(Lindsey Macinness, M.A., RCC June, 2011)
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Information on workshops and presentations related to you as a counselling professional. Submissions may be added via the "Add an Event" interface but must be approved before appearing online.
This section consists of links to a range of WEB sites that may of interest to you as a counselling professional. Many are located in British Columbia
Office supplies, office space, job postings, supervision offered and wanted, etc. (Available only to counselling professionals).

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CounsellingBC.com is the most visited and well utilized Counselling Resource web site in BC. Professionals on the site have continuously reported that the site is one of the most useful tools that they have to help them build their private practice. Professionals on the site include Registered Clinical Counsellors(RCC), Registered Psychologists (RPsych), Registered Social Workers (RSW) - approved for independent practice, members of British Columbia Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (BCAMFT), and those counsellors with the designation of Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC). Registered Art Therapists (BCATR) are now beginning to list their professionals services on the site. If you are member in good standing of any of organizations that provided these designations you may sign up at this site.
"I recommend that ALL my clients sign up for counsellingbc.com. It is one of the easiest and least expensive methods for attracting clients in BC. All of my clients get at least some clients from this site and many get a lot. In fact, it is one of the best returns on investment a mental health professional in this province can make. If you are looking for more clients and are not advertising on this site, you need to get over there and sign-up immediately!"
Juliet Austin, M.A.
Marketing Coach and Copywriter for Mental Health Professionals