Increasing Sexual Satisfaction

Written by Lyne Piché

Being close physically and emotionally to another human being is an important part of creating a satisfying sexual relationship.  There are ways to increase the level of intimacy and closeness within your relationship.  This may lead to improvements in your sexual relationship as well as to your overall relationship satisfaction.

Intimate Sex for Seniors

Written by Bianca Rucker

With society's burgeoning population of elderly men and women, open discussions about sex and aging are particularly important for maintaining a high quality of life. As a nurse and therapist in private practice, specializing in therapy for individuals and couples who have sexual concerns, I have a special interest in promoting a positive, healthy view of sexuality.

Time for Sex, and Talking about Sex

Written by Bianca Rucker

Time for Sex

How often have you collapsed into bed late at night feeling just too tired for sexual encounters with your partner? Have you ever suddenly realized that days or weeks have gone by since you had a good heart-to-heart talk with your partner? Perhaps days or weeks since you shared physical intimacy?


Couples Often Feel They Don’t Have Time For Sex

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