Increasing Sexual Satisfaction

Being close physically and emotionally to another human being is an important part of creating a satisfying sexual relationship.  There are ways to increase the level of intimacy and closeness within your relationship.  This may lead to improvements in your sexual relationship as well as to your overall relationship satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction is enhanced when your relationship is happy, when positive communication is favoured and time is spent improving your relationship.  Sexual satisfaction can decrease when you are unhappy in your relationship, when there are unresolved conflicts in your relationship or when your expectations within the relationship are not being satisfied.  It is important to address relationship problems and resolve conflicts as they occur.

Spend time together. It is important to take short periods to be together each day.  This can include telephone contact, email contact, supper together, any way to connect and share the details of your lives.  This is especially important for partners with busy schedules or caregiving responsibilities.  

Be present.  When you are together with your partner, give them your full attention.  Turn off cellphones, emails and computers.  Stop spending your quiet time together in front of the television.  Being truly available to your partner once a day is a worthwhile goal.

Communicate positively.  Remembering to foster positive and supportive interactions can assist you to create a healthy and happy relationship.  Thanking your partner and recognizing their efforts are two important ways to communicate positively.  It is also important to be honest when you are talking with your partner.

Grow within your relationship.  It is easy for relationships to become stagnant over time.  Bad habits creep in which undermine your efforts at creating a healthy and positive relationship.  Recognize when your relationship needs extra attention.

Communicate about sexuality.  Discussions surrounding sexual expectation, sexual preference and sexual values are an important part of establishing a healthy relationship.  Sexual expectations can change over the course of a relationship.  Open communication about sexuality is important and should be fostered within your relationship.