The "Ideal" Parent Syndrome

Written by Suzanne Smith

Before we became parents, many of us had an ideal image of what that role would look like. This image is often based on our own experiences of being parented. Consequently, we might decide to parent our children similarly, or we might enter into parenthood with a determination to parent in a dramatically different way, or we might design an ideal based on any combination of these two. Regardless of which design we arrive at, one thing is true: our ideal image is often rooted in a deep sense of love for, and commitment to, our children.


Depleted Mother Syndrome: What it is, and what you can do about it

Written by Tamar Amit

Whenever I mention Depleted Mother Syndrome (DMS) to a new mom, her first reaction is to chuckle. “Now there’s a syndrome for THAT too?” she’d say. But not five minutes into me describing this all too common condition, does she begin to nod her head enthusiastically, and by the end of the meeting DMS has gathered another new fan.

What is Depleted Mother Syndrome?

Enlightened Parenting

Written by Steven Keeler

We hear it all the time, “Kids are more of a challenge now than they used to be.” Therapists, like myself, are challenged by the demand to work with these “new” kids.

Parenting after Conflict, Separation and Divorce: Questions and Answers

Written by Max Innes

Every family is unique. There are as many different ways of parenting as there are families, family circumstances and cultural settings. Clearly, it is impossible to provide definitive answers for parenting in the face of such diversity. However, families often experience similar difficulties and there is some agreement in clinical experience and the professional literature about how to address many of these difficulties.  

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