Ruminating A Lot?

June 30th, 2024
In: Anxiety

Finding yourself ruminating? Thinking about people in a negative way? Or having critical thoughts about your own behaviour?

Thinking on things is normal. But if you are ruminating for so much of the day that it is getting in the way of being able to complete daily tasks like focusing at work or school, exercising, parenting or putting time into your friendships or marriage then the ruminating might be worth treating.  

Come in and learn what is causing the increase in rumination. Perhaps it's a feeling of being wronged. Increasing our understanding of our own thoughts and behaviour helps reduce rumination. It increases happiness because instead of feeling like others are out to get us we learn why people act the way they do. We have compassion for others and for ourself. We learn to get curious about others, check our expectations and get our needs met by available people. 

Or perhaps the rumination is your brain calling for attention because it is not getting what it needs. We need to tune up our brain just like we do our car. Are you prioritizing getting enough sleep, exercise, socializing, meaningful work, rest, and stimulation? As we age our brain gets vulnerable to a lack of any of these items and can start calling out for help and attention. This calling out may look like rumination or over thinking, amongst other symptoms.

Sometimes you already know what you need to be doing to treat the brain but need a coach to get you started. Or you may have no idea why you are feeling so poorly and need some skills and education. Come on in and get the support you need. 

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