Brainspotting . . .how the eyes can help you heal trauma

February 7th, 2023
In: Trauma

Brainspotting combines elements of neuroscience and body-based therapy to identify and target “brainspots”. Brainspots are areas of the brain believed to contain traumatic memories and responses. Through the use of eye movements, a trained therapist assists the client in confronting and releasing emotional blocks and traumas, while through helping them to reconnect with their emotional self.

Brainspotting is based uses the eyes to gently release emotional memories that stored in the brain. The movement of the eyes can help locate these memories and release them. . During a brainspotting session, the therapist works with the client to recognize, face, and ultimately become aware of the emotional blocks that have been preventing them from achieving personal success.

This form of therapy comprises three main areas: identification, activation, and graceful resolution.

Identification involves the therapist finding the brainspots associated with the client’s emotional blocks. Activation then helps the client to access and process the emotions associated with the brainspots. Finally, graceful resolution facilitates the process of resolution and positive change for the client.

Overall, Brainspotting can help people confront difficult emotions, understand their past traumas, move past their emotional blocks, and reach a place of resolution and acceptance.

Brainspotting can also be used to reach performance goals using expansion spotting or positive outcome spots. With brainspotting we can use the eyes to access positive memories associated with past successes to improve performance in the present.


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