No more 'Thinking About It'- Make a Decision to Take Action Today!

Written by Suzanne Smith

Never making the decision you know you need to make has been called ‘analysis paralysis’; ‘sitting on the fence’; ‘considering your options’; ‘waiting for the right time’ (when there is no right time); ‘not wanting to rush into anything’; and, in new age lingo ‘being kind to myself by NOT making a decision’. OMG, really? However, deep inside ourselves, if we’re willing to be honest, we know it by another name, and it’s not ‘procrastination’.

It’s called “F.E.A.R.”.

I know fear well, and my guess is that you do, too.

Is your Self-Esteem safe on social media?

Written by Tamar Amit

Is Your Self-Esteem Safe on Social Media?

I know you’ve been there…browsing through your Facebook Feed, staring at everyone else’s picture-perfect life, and feeling worse, and worse about your own life.

So how do we keep our emotional equilibrium, while enjoying our beloved social network?

Self-Esteem from an ESM Perspective

Written by Gayle Way

 - (excerpt from upcoming Energetic Self-Manifestation (ESM) Handbook)

Healthy Self-esteem exists when we are naturally free to connect authentically with ourselves and the world. We speak our truth with confidence and we are not vulnerable to the social pressure of those who would have us speak a different truth.

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