Nature Guided Focusing Oriented Therapy Training

Sunday, September 17th, 2023 11:00amSunday, June 22nd, 2025 5:00pm


Hearth Place - Duncan / Quw’utsun Valley / Vancouver Island, BC

Nature Guided Focusing Oriented Therapy Certification Training

Experience how Nature and Play deepen Inner Wisdom

Starting September 2023

Hearth Place is offering an in-person two-year Nature Guided Focusing Oriented Therapy Training  

Your pathway to Certification in Focusing Oriented Therapy

Focusing is an embodied approach that enables the deep and safe exploration of internal states, and aids in repairing harms in relationships with self and others. Each training session models and facilitates the (re)establishment of lasting, reciprocal, loving relationships with Self and Place in order to (re)claim kinship with our own Belonging.

Topics include: Focusing and … Compassion / Dreams / Grief / Nature / Play / Resourcing / Social Justice / Finding your Focusing Niche

A total of 16 Training days, each topic is covered in one day in person sessions at Hearth Place, a rural riverside property in the Cowichan Valley (unceded Quw’utsun Territory) on Vancouver Island.


Read what Dr Leslie Ellis has to say about this training in her article Focusing and Nature: Restoring connection within and without


“Dean’s eloquence in explaining pith principles, his skill in space and silence, his playful, creative companioning, make him a superb teacher of Focusing.”


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