Imagining Beyond the Boundaries

July 1st, 2020

We humans have a remarkable ability that is most often oppressed and suppressed; suppressed by well-meaning others who want to protect you from being dissappointed and hurt, and ensure that you will keep your focus on survival in this material world. You have likely been subjected to, heard others say, and maybe even said yourself, "Get real. Get your head out of the clouds, You are such a day dreamer." These well intended comments have the effect of suppressing/oppressing our creative juice; really your life force energy. Big dreams are shining a light on where you would like to be in yourself, and in life. The problem is not the dreams but what happens in reaction to them, particularly within you. Many use these dreams as material to be unkind to themselves, self-critical for not having already achieved these dreams.  Becoming conscious that these are dreams along with becoming conscious in detail about where you are in relation to those dreams is substantially transformative. For sure, if you know where you are, then the possibility of entering the process to movement towards your big dreams is opened up. Recognition that the journey towards your dreams will certainly require work, time (perhaps, a great deal of time), and learning about the part of you that may be against the process and wants the dream 'right now,' are significant as part of your life process. As well, this practice also has great potential to liberate your creative inner world abilities. 

Avraham Cohen, Ph.D., R.C.C, C.C.C.


Avraham Cohen
Ph.D., RCC
Avraham Cohen, Ph.D., R.C.C., C.C.C.
Vancouver, V5Y 4B77

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