Why Choose An Imago Relationship Therapist?

Why Choose An Imago Relationship Therapist?

Imago Relationship Therapy will teach you valuable skills which will provide safety, support, compassion; enhance communication; resolve frustrations, heal past hurts; and restore passion and playfulness.

1. Imago gives you insight into the dynamics of your own relationship.   Your relationship is a journey. The journey starts in carefree romantic love, naturally moves into an emotional struggle, and has the potential to emerge from the power-struggle into a deeper phase of true love. Even if you are struggling now, a brighter future is available for you very soon.

2. Imago quickly provides you with an experience of connection By the time many couples come to see a couples counselor, they are often relatively distant emotionally. Early on in the work we can coach you to use the Imago Dialogue to discuss some positive aspects of your relationship in a way which is safe and supportive. You might leave a first session feeling that after a long period of loneliness, at last your partner is really hearing you, and you can feel hopeful that the process will really works.

3. Imago empowers you to do your own work together;  the couples counselor acts as a coach.   In traditional couples therapy, partners often sit facing the marriage counsellor, telling them about the other partner's faults, and listening to their expert advice. In Imago practice, the couples therapist has each of you facing the other, and talking directly to each other. While one partner speaks, the other partner would listen, mirror back, and even validate what they hear, and connect with their partner's feelings. The couples counselor guides this process, making sure that it is safe, positive and effective. This is called the Imago Dialogue process. Although the period in therapy might be quite short, after therapy you will have both the knowledge and Imago dialogue skills you need to continue to strengthen your relationship for the rest of your life.

4. Imago Relationship Therapy is a practical and cost-effective approach. The job of an Imago Relationship Therapist is to make herself obsolete. Because partners are taught to become therapeutic with one another, they will have less and less need for the therapist over time.