Developing a Compassionate Mind

Written by Joanna Rynska

Developing a Compassionate Mind

What does it mean to be compassionate?  When we think of compassion, we usually think about compassion towards others.  However, how do we become more compassionate towards ourselves? When we start looking inside of ourselves into our inner world, what do we observe?  How do we talk to ourselves?  What does our self-talk consist of?  Is our inner critic taking over?  Do we criticize ourselves harshly and negatively judge our actions?  Do we put ourselves down?

Transpersonal Work: Moving towards Wholeness

Written by Kai-Lin Yang

Eastern philosophies and spiritual tradition has become more accepted in western society in the past four decades. These philosophies and traditions, such as Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga have significantly affected the development of psychology. Transpersonal psychotherapy is one of the most successfully developed psychologies of this movement. Although the term, “Transpersonal Psychotherapy” has become more known in the filed of psychology it still seems mystifying to the majority of mental health professionals. 


Greatest Hurdle to Making Positive Changes

Written by Shawn McNabb

I have found that one of the greatest hurdles that we need to overcome when making positive changes, whether it's couples, family, anger management or addictions issues; is naming the shame.

I don't know where that came from - Dealing with psychological splits

Written by Delyse Ledgard

A number of clients tell me how they sometimes experience a part of themselves that takes over and how it is not like them; they don’t feel themselves when this happens.  They describe how they become  ‘a crazy person’, angry and destructive, clinging and needy or insecure, when they don’t feel that most of the time in their lives.  They often can’t understand how they could behave in these ways and feel terribly ashamed of themselves when this happens and the problems it causes in their relationships.

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