Finding Compassion Within

Written by Denise Hall

Finding Compassion Within
Every part of us that we do not love will regress and become more primitive – Carl Jung

Why do I feel so unsafe when nothing much is happening?

Written by Delyse Ledgard

How are we suppose to feel safe in a world full of danger and impermanence?  Why is it that some people can breeze through life with confidence and calm, while others are  consumed by thoughts of danger and betrayal?  Believe it or not, our health, and the quality of our lives, are affected by the degree to which we feel safe.  In this article we will explore what is important about feeling safe and how do we create that in our lives.

Feeling Jittery? Feeling Blue?

Written by Derek Swain

Are you feeling worried, tense, or irritable?Are you feeling tired or having difficulties with sleep?Do you have difficulty in concentrating or making decisions?Have you been feeling sad, down or depressed for the last month or more?Have you lost interest in things that normally give you pleasure?Are you feeling worried, tense, or irritable?

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