How to write a listing (from a client centred perspective)

 How To Write A Compelling Listing 


There are numerous variables involved in getting good results from your listing. The following list highlights some key areas to focus on. Following these tips will not only help you attract more clients, it will help attract more of the clients who are ideally suited to your services. 

All clients are unique as are all therapists. When there is a strong match between client and therapist everybody wins. You will get more of the type of clients you want to work with and your clients will be better served. 

Be unique and make your listing stand out! 

1. Instead of focusing your listing on you the counsellor or psychologist, focus it primarily on the client. Describe their specific problems and concerns and what they hope to get out of counselling or therapy. This will attract more of your ideal client than a listing that primarily discusses you, the approaches you use, and your credentials. 

2. Write your listing for a specific target audience in mind. Individuals are more attracted to professionals who are able to communicate a strong understanding of their specific problems. 

3. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. This will make your listing easier to read and will hold your reader’s attention longer. 

4. Avoid jargon or clinical language. You want your listing to be understandable to the layperson. When people get confused or frustrated because they do not understand what you are saying, they are more likely to click to another listing. 

5. Use keyword phrases that people are likely to use when searching for your services in the search engines. Repeat these keywords approximately once per paragraph if possible. 

6. Have a “call to action” at the end of your listing. e.g. ask people to call you for more information, sign up for your newsletter, etc. 

If you do have a website, is programmed so that the following text will appear at the end of your listing: 

“For further information, visit” 

7. A Suggested Format for Writing your listing: 

First Paragraph: As indicated in the NEW directions for writing your listing, it is required that you state your credentials in full and indicate your office location (s) – as follows: “Dr. Smith (or less formal – Susan Smith) is a Registered Psychologist who sees clients at offices in Richmond and Vancouver or (in the case of an 

RCC) Ms. Smith (or less formal – Susan Smith) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who sees clients at offices in Richmond and Vancouver. 

Second Paragraph: Describe the core problems, needs and concerns of the specific clients you are attempting to attract into your practice. Show that you understand their concerns and feelings. Showing empathy in this way is the beginning of the relationship-building process. It makes potential clients feel more comfortable about working with you. 

Third Paragraph: State the specific benefits and outcomes that your clients hope to achieve by seeing a counselor, therapist or psychologist, etc. Help them build some hope that it is possible to solve some of their problems through counselling. 

Fourth Paragraph: You might want to describe some of the tools or techniques that you use and state how these can be beneficial to the client. You can also give an indication of what may be unique about how you work with your clients. Why might clients want to hire work with you? 

Fifth Paragraph: The end of your listing is usually the best place to include any significant information about yourself, your background and credentials. Again, keep this related to what is relevant to your targeted-audience. 


* The above suggestions are intended to help you get the best results from your listing. With the exception of the first paragraph, these suggestions 

are NOT requirements for writing your listing on 

**Although some clients may be attracted to a listing that is focused largely on a list of counsellor accomplishments and credentials, these people represent a minority. The above suggestions are based upon what research shows has the most impact on potential clients. 


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