Q: How do I find a counsellor - "Let me count the ways!"


The programmers for CounsellingBC.com have done a remarkable job creating a directory that allows you to search the site in a variety of ways.

For many people the search begins by location.  Just click on a location and a list of counsellors and psychologists, for that location, appears in the results below.  While they are in random order to start feel free to alphabetize them by clicking on the link "View alphabetically".

To location you can also add an area of practice (for example: "Depression") and an approach (for example: "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy").   Note that the site does not produce "dead links" so that if there are no counsellors in "x" city that deal with depression using cognitive behavioural therapy then thos links will not appear in the first. place.

You can also start your search in the opposite direction.  This might be something you would choose to do if you are willing to travel and you do not need to narrow the location component quite so quickly.

In addition to areas of practice, locations, and approaches the site has a significant number of professionals that can provide counselling services in a language other than English.  Thus you can search by language as well.

Finally, if you feel you have narrowed your search too much.  You can always click on one of the red "x''s and the list will expand accordingly.

We hope find that using the directory is intuitive and useful for you.

Q: How do I find a counsellor or psychologist on the site?

At this time we recommend that you experiment with the new directory search to find the right professional for you.  You may want to check city first and then area of practice.  This will produce a customized list for you.  

Just remember that some locations do not have as many counsellors so you may want to limit your search, in those instances, to location only.

The best strategy for searching will be to experiment as you can always uncheck an entry and start again. 

Q: What kinds of questions and answers can I expect to find here?

Since the current version of CounsellingBC.com is quite new we will be regularly adding questions and answers to the site from this point onwards.