Saturday, October 30th, 2021 9:00amSaturday, October 30th, 2021 2:30pm




Saturday, October 30, 2021 
9:00 am to 2:30 pm

By popular demand, we’ve created a brand-new intermediate level workshop ONLY for those who have already participated in previous CSCH Level 1 or 2 workshops.

The skills of Rapid Access Hypnosis and Alert Focal Trance with Ideosensory Communication will add to your clinical hypnosis skills and the clinical hypnosis applications to Relationships and Achieving Positive Change will be of great value to you personally and professionally.

In addition to stimulating live presentations, you will have ample opportunity to practice with the supervision of our experienced faculty, including our presenters and Dr. Leora Kuttner.

There will be no required prereading or videos to review prior to this one-day workshop.

Rapid Access Hypnosis (presented by Lance M. Rucker, DDS, FACD)

Attendees will learn rapid access hypnosis strategies, and practice observation and interpretation of hypnosis access levels of patients or clients. Oblique rapid access techniques for communication with the unconscious which require no formal induction will be demonstrated and practiced.

Alert Focal Trance: Ideosensory Communication (presented by James Stabler, MSW, RCC)

Alert Focal Trance can be achieved without any formal hypnotic induction, utilizing symptoms to establish ideosensory signals to communicate with the unconscious. Attendees will learn how to use a Symptom Scale approach to develop ideosensory signals with their client/patient to rapidly trigger the unconscious to provide the means to achieve resolution of the symptom.

Clinical Hypnosis Applications for Relationships (presented by Bianca Rucker, PhD, RN, RMFT)

Attendees will learn hypnosis strategies that can facilitate movement toward resolving conflict and help a couple get on the same wavelength emotionally. Applications of clinical hypnosis for enhancing intimacy and sexual connection within a couple will be presented with demonstrations and opportunities for practice.

Achieving Positive Change: The Power of Hypnosis in Achieving Your Goals (presented by Davidicus Wong, MD)

Practical and inspirational strategies for helping patients, clients and yourself set and achieve personal goals with hypnosis. I’ll be sharing the key strategies I have used to enable my patients to acquire new healthy habits that stick and achieve their most important personal goals. We will provide ample time for supervised practice. So bring a personal goal or new habit you would like to achieve.

For more info and registration please go to: https://hypnosis.bc.ca/training/upcoming-workshops/level-2-zoom-workshop/