Holiday Stress and Anxiety Counsellors

Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Holiday stress can exacerbate mental health issues or - on occasion - trigger new emotional challenges.  Expectations for a positive experience may trigger feelings of anxiety. The combination of social obligations, financial strain, longstanding family dynamics patterns and differing belief systems can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Holidays can be an opportunity to learn about boundaries and self care. Counselling may be helpful for all of these things.


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If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, stressed or overwhelmed, or maybe you are looking for personal growth and development, I would be honoured to share this space with you. I have personally been there, and I can... Read more

Steven Keeler

M.Sc., RCC
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Areas of Expertise: Relationship Healing Couples Treatment Parent and Child/Teen Relationships Men’s Issues Military and Veterans Transitions Anger Resolution PTSD and Trauma Family Issues/... Read more

Ashleigh Keizer

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Finding the “right” counsellor can feel like a big task! My hope is that as you read through this space, you might feel that I am someone who can sit with you and help navigate some of the... Read more

Jamie Johnson

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As a man, therapy might not be your preferred use of time, yet a growing part of you is curious about what could be. Throughout your life, you’ve felt minimized and closed off from your potential. Maybe you’... Read more