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Valessa Rizzotto

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Do you feel like the world's weight is resting on your shoulders, and every step forward is a struggle? Or do you feel like your self-esteem is caught in a constant storm, leaving you battered by self-doubt and a... Read more
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Feeling lost, misunderstood, stuck? I have been there. Besides being an experienced therapist, I am also a child of divorce, immigrant, wife, and mother. My own healing journey and continuing professional... Read more

Fernanda Souza

Ph.D. (cand), RCC
Challenging events? Life changes? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Needing balance?  Struggling with anxiety, relationships, depression, grief, decisions, performance?  Looking forward to getting to where you want to be... Read more

Gabriel Patrich

M.Couns., RCC
Before becoming a psychotherapist, I was a practicing physician for 15 years. My Clinical counselling services include Individual, Couples, Family, Parenting, Addictions, and Immigration issues. I have counselled and... Read more