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Coaching is often the driving force behind successful CEOs. While the job of a CEO seems to be alluring, what with calling the shots and enjoying the perks, he or she is responsible for keeping the business afloat and making executive decisions. Coaching can be equally helpful to individuals who are feeling stuck or having problems with imbalance in their lives.

Coaching can help overstressed individuals  to avoid burnout and to maximize results. A professional coach will help the client to improve performance by working alongside the client in developing and being accountable to goals that are created.

Hiring a qualified personal or executive coach can help you take your life and/or career to the next level of success.

If you are looking for a counsellor or psychologist who offers  coaching, please browse our list of practitioners below..

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Peter Vaughan


Barbara Harris

Ph.D., RSW

Dr Marie-Helene Pelletier

Ph.D., R.Psych
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Edie Reiman


Lisa McLellan


Barbara Crosby

M.Ed., RCC

Brooke Owen

M.A., R.Psych

Tim Clark

Ph.D., R.Psych

Julia Somody

M.A., R.Psych

Claire Sutton


Lina Crossin

M.A., R.Psych