Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy, Bio-Energetics

Adolescents don't come with instructions and raising a teenager to become a successful contributor to society can be stressful. Adolescent counselling can help a parent to ensure that they are on the right track, and to deal with any issues they may be facing.

It is common for teens to face challenges and adolescent therapy can be very helpful. One of the main areas this type of therapy addresses is the interpersonal relationships between the teenager and his or her family members. It can help improve communication and interactions between the family members and promote healing.

Teenagers need a lot of love and a strong support structure in which they can heal and grow. It can be challenging to be on the cusp of adulthood and adolescence is often a very challenging transitional period. Adolescent counselling offers a secure and non-judgmental environment for teenagers to transition from childhood into adolescence. It will address issues of behaviour, puberty, emotions, and in some cases even nutrition.

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Bio-Energetics aims to resolve emotional issues and helps clients to reach their potential and to enjoy a pleasure-filled life. A form of psychodynamic psychotherapy, bio-energetics focusses on the mind-body connection and therapists consider the client's structure, breathing and movement patterns in therapy.

Psychotherapists who practice bioenergetics are very aware of the psychological defences that also appear in the client's body. The body's unique structural patterns in which the muscles inhibit self-expression. Bioenergetics psychotherapists believe that each physical expression has meaning.

During a bio-energetics session, the psychotherapist will introduce the client to exercises and other physical expressions that can help the client explore the freedom of releasing those patterns and to recover some of the repressed feelings inside of them. The result is that the client will become more free and spontaneous and enjoy life feeling safer and healthier with a strong connection to his or her inner self.

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