Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Company Information:
Manifest Wellness is a mental health clinic that helps men develop the emotional acumen and mental agility they need to manifest more satisfying and fulfilling lives. The counselling process is focused on improving mental health function through assessment, goal setting, structured treatment, and measurable therapeutic outcomes. This enables guys to develop better careers, be better partners, dads, and friends to themselves.

About You:
We are looking to hire forward-thinking Counsellors who can provide effective, best practice, treatment for men at our premises in Vancouver, and online. Having previous experience in Counselling, you should be comfortable in supporting a wide range of male-specific issues. Additionally, applicants will enjoy working with other Counsellor’s in a treatment team approach including case consultation and supervision sessions.

Our Counsellors will be:

  • Focused on client-centred treatment.
  • Good listeners and excellent communicators.
  • Great team member, providing expertise in clinical consultation.
  • Positive and open to doing things in new ways.
  • Change facilitators.
  • Creative in steering clients to find out more about themselves, develop confidence and have their needs met.
  • Committed to record-keeping and evaluation.

You will have a relevant Master’s Degree and be certified with BCACC.

This role comes with great responsibilities. They include the following:


  • To screen and assess clients appropriately so they may be supported, directed, or referred on as appropriate.
  • To provide structured counselling, for adults [18+] with mild to moderate mental health problems.
  • To consider a range of options for client that are ethically sound.
  • To organize and manage work and caseload.
  • To maintain records to a high standard per the organizations’ policies and be willing to provide for audit and evaluation.
  • To work with others to design, develop and implement information about services available for referrers, service users, and others.

Education / Professional:

  • To continue professional development by attending any required training as agreed with your manager.
  • To abide by the professional and ethical code of conduct of BCACC.
  • To maintain BCACC registration, insurance, and liability requirements.


  • To maintain confidentiality and security of information gained.
  • To attend any appropriate meetings as required.
  • Contribute to the monitoring, planning, and development of services.
  • To take accountability for tracking hours and correctly invoicing Manifest.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 3 years of working with clients experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems, preferably in a community setting.
  • Experience working with a structured model of counselling.
  • Experience in successfully managing own caseload.
  • Demonstrates a sound understanding of counselling modalities such as CBT and SFBT.

About Manifest
We’ve developed a framework for counselling that encompasses some of the best practices from life coaching, professional development and psychotherapy. This blended approach is actionable, goal-oriented, practical and accessible to the everyday guy. More specifically, we help to:

  • Craft strong, satisfying relationships.
  • Transition from problematic relationships.
  • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs.
  • Make sense of emotionally challenging situations like bereavement.
  • Confront their dependence on stimulants.
  • Get clarity around their purpose and realize their potential.
  • Be higher performers at home and at work.
  • Understand and process powerful emotions.
  • Address life stage transitions like parenthood or retirement.

We believe that a collaborative approach to mental health awareness in men will increase its efficacy. We work with community partners, socially-minded corporations, and government bodies to improve the services we offer and telegraph the key issues to those who need it most.

Collaborative: We believe that we are all connected and dependent upon each other for our well-being. It’s critical to us that we are creating that connective tissue and helping people evolve, together.

Brilliant: We make seemingly impossible things happen for people. That requires ingenuity, energy, and passion. We believe that amazing things happen when we bring our best selves forward.

Authentic: It takes courage to be who you really are, but we demand it of ourselves and others. We believe that meaningful change is dependent on the ability to firstly be authentic.

Thoughtful: Our work matters because it changes the lives of many people. We believe in applying ourselves thoughtfully to make sure we are contributing fully.

Job Type: Full Time or Part Time, Salaried or Contract

Job Location: Remote. Services delivered via video conferencing.Vancouver

To apply please go to: or email Richelle Hughes