The Grounding Stone: Therapist Opening

The Grounding Stone: Therapist Opening

Supporting Non-Normative/LGBTQ2S+ Populations

We are welcoming another therapist to join our team here at The Grounding Stone.  We are a queer-owned, queer-run counselling center, and we provide counselling, groups and workshops to the community facilitated by a diverse group of therapists (including RCCs, RSWs and RPsychs).  We specialize in serving non-normative demographics, and we work through an Anti-Oppressive Lens with an ever-growing, acute awareness of privilege and oppression.

We are looking for someone who has a deep understanding of the nuances of queer culture, and/or ethical non-monogamy. Our clients come to us with an expectation of competency in these areas, so this person needs to have an embodied understanding of intersectionality and its potential impact on mental health.

Our intention is that the therapist who joins us will grow their practice in a way that really works for them in terms of work/life balance.  They will see clients between 1-4 days per week, and will receive $67.50-$70/hour, with a certain portion of their Counselling Practice offered on a sliding scale.  While the number of clients who the therapist sees on a sliding scale are an unfolding conversation and are ultimately up to the therapist, we are looking for someone who aligns with our values of offering a portion of our time to clients who face certain financial barriers, largely due to systemic discrimination.  At The Grounding Stone, this is a part of our lifestyle, our lens, and the way that we strive to pay the debt of our privilege.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter sharing about yourself to mj at