Understanding Why I'm So Anxious, Irritable or Depressed during the COVID-19 Crisis

April 20th, 2020
In: Trauma

Are you wondering why you are experiencing a high level of anxiety? Why you feel on edge a lot of the time? Is it harder to concentrate on work? Are you having trouble getting out of bed? Are you irritable with your significant other or your children?   I’d like to validate you. It makes sense that you are feeling these ways.  

My Partner Has Anxiety - How Do I Support Him or Her?

March 4th, 2019

Does your partner experience anxiety? Is your social life taking a hit because your partner has too much anxiety to even think about socializing? Do you worry when your partner is on emotional roller coaster? Do you want to be able to know what to do when her or she is having a panic attack? Partners of people with anxiety often say to me that they feel helpless when their partner struggles. They aren't sure what to do. Sometimes the things they try help and sometimes they don't.

Can't Stop Procrastinating?

April 16th, 2018
In: Anxiety

Tax season is a good time to find ourselves wondering, "Why did I leave this so late?" Do you find yourself thinking, "I've got lots of time to do this (project or assignment, etc)" and then suddenly it has crept up on you and you are in panic mode? Now you've got double the work: getting through the anxiety and also getting the project done. It isn't fun. But you get through. And it's done. Phew.

Caregivers Need Extra Support

September 23rd, 2017

The longer I do this work the more I see evidence of a simple fact: Caregivers need extra support. Caregiving takes many forms. For example: having a child; taking in aging parents; fostering puppies; looking after people with health issues; hearing stories of suffering people, working in the health field, etc. Becoming a caregiver can bring significant joy and meaning.

How are We Different after Therapy?

September 7th, 2017

What happens to us during the therapy process? How are we different after a course of therapy? Often clients come in with specific issues that they hope to improve: anxiety, depression, isolation, emotions all over the place or numbed out, work stress, marital conflict. And through our therapy work together these issues are improved.

People Exhaust Me. I Don't Need To Be Around Them Anyway, Right?

May 30th, 2017
In: Anxiety

Are you avoiding people or groups because it feels like you get totally drained from interactions with them? It feels like, "I'm so exhausted after interactions with people. I'd rather just stay home where I'm comfortable and I can just be myself." Yes. We all need time on our own to recuperate and rest. 

Why Can't My Partner Meet My Needs?

April 1st, 2017

Do you often notice your partner isn't meeting your needs? It's like they can never get it right. It's infuriating because you think about others' needs. Why can't your partner get your needs. You reject what they attempt to do because it's not close to what you wanted.

I'm Always the One Doing the Helping. But Who is Going to Help Me?

January 26th, 2017
In: Trauma

Maybe you've always been the "good listener." The one people turn to. Or, maybe your care-taking role is newly acquired: You became a parent to a child or a pet, took on aging parents, or got married. Perhaps you've obtained a job where you are present with others while they are going through life's up and downs.  You're a health practitioner.  First responder. Lawyer. Social Worker. Teacher. Supervisor. Server. Accountant. The list is endless.

I thought I was better - Why am I doing this again?

November 25th, 2016

"I'd done several sessions and had stopped having panic attacks. And then I just had another one today. Why do I keep doing this to myself?" "I had worked on my rage and hadn't had another episode in so long. And then I just totally went overboard again this weekend. Why can't I get past this?" "My mood had been up for the last 6 months and then recently it's down again. Why am I not able to manage this?" Are these thoughts familiar?

What's Behind All My Worrying?

October 16th, 2016
In: Anxiety

Do you notice that you worry about things a lot? Do you tend to catastrophize things in your head? In doing "Parts Work" I explore the Part of you that has been getting a little extreme, that has been consuming too much of your time and energy. For some of us it is our Worrier.  The Worrier is working really hard these days. It's working in overdrive. And it's getting you into trouble and causing you stress. What can we do about it in therapy?


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