Find Your Inner Peace

March 29th, 2020

In this time of change we are bombarded with information, some factual, some fictional, some designed to get a reaction. If you feel unsettled or fearful, make a decision to be particular about the information you expose yourself to. Find moments in your day to decompress from the intense energy all around us. Sit or lie in a quiet space. Notice your breath. Follow the way your body is breathing. Notice how it feels to breathe in from your nose out through your mouth. Notice the temperature of your breath.

Do you find yourself repeatedly experiencing familiar unpleasant roadblocks in a relationship?

September 14th, 2019

Cynthia was determined this time that she was going to approach her new relationship differently, In the past her partners tended to disappoint her by "not stepping up" and fully participating in the relationship. On paper Bill seemed to be different, he had a good job, was outdoorsy and had a nice smile. Gradually though Cynthia noticed that Bill waited for her to make plans without initiating anything. He also seemed to have a hard time making big decisions, and after not too much time had passed Cynthia found herself back in the drivers seat. 

What are your rules for living true?

Our belief systems are wide open when we are born. We develop beliefs about the world we live in during the early years in our family, then in school and our community. Our young mind is a sponge soaking up everything we notice, experience and imagine. Along the way through life our rules of living become more solidified and we believe them. 

How do you start and end your day and how does that decision effect your mood?

Our gadgets have become like second nature. Notice, do you automatically reach for your phone or tablet when you wake up and right before you go to sleep? 

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