I'm Always the One Doing the Helping. But Who is Going to Help Me?

Thu, 2017-01-26 14:56
In: Trauma

Maybe you've always been the "good listener." The one people turn to. Or, maybe your care-taking role is newly acquired: You became a parent to a child or a pet, took on aging parents, or got married. Perhaps you've obtained a job where you are present with others while they are going through life's up and downs.  You're a health practitioner.  First responder. Lawyer. Social Worker. Teacher. Supervisor. Server. Accountant. The list is endless.

How to Survive after being Sexually Assaulted (Whether or Not You Report)

Thu, 2016-03-31 22:25
In: Trauma

"I believe Jennifer*. I believe Jennifer. I believe Jennifer." Those were the words that came out of the judge's mouth. Tears sprang to my eyes. I was in a court room as a support person, and was with a young woman who had very reluctantly testified about being sexually assaulted. The words uttered by the judge were so powerful. And as we have come to learn, so rare in a court of law.

I'm Traumatized. How do I heal?

Sun, 2016-01-31 19:17
In: Trauma

  You've been through something horrifying. You try to forget it but you are struggling. You avoid things that remind you of it. But it keeps coming back. The quiet moments are the hardest.     So you stay busy. You wish for rest. You hope for sleep.  But you can't let your guard down.

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