Unlocking Intimacy: Exploring the Power of Sex Therapy for a Fulfilling Love Life

June 7th, 2023

In a world where open conversations about sexuality are gaining momentum, it's essential to understand the role of sex therapy in helping individuals and couples overcome sexual difficulties and enhance their love lives. Sex therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for addressing sexual concerns, improving intimacy, and unlocking the full potential of relationships. In this article, we will delve into what sex therapy entails and who can benefit from its transformative power.

Harnessing Behavioural Changes: Strategies to Improve ADHD Symptoms

May 27th, 2023

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects individuals of all ages. While medication and therapy are often used to manage ADHD symptoms, behavioral adaptations play a vital role in improving daily functioning and overall well-being. These adaptations involve implementing strategies and changes in behavior that support attention, organization, and self-regulation. In this article, we will explore some of the most common behavioral adaptations that can significantly improve ADHD symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Is Video Therapy Right for Me?

April 18th, 2023

With pandemic restrictions behind us, many people are eager to get back to doing things in person again, including therapy. Taking the time out of your day to travel to your therapist's office, sitting on their couch, and being present with each other in person can be important parts of therapy for many folks. However, doing therapy by video is often just as effective, and can even have some advantages compared to in-person therapy. Here are some signs that video therapy might be a good fit for you. You feel comfortable and safe at home

Chronic Pain After an Accident

March 25th, 2023

When people get in a car accident or have another type of sudden injury, we notice that some people seem to heal just fine and others can get stuck with chronic pain.  There’s nothing fair about it.  For those of us who get stuck with chronic pain, we can also get stuck feeling helpless.  If this has been your experience, I’m deeply sorry.  I really want you to know that often, there is more that we can do.  Let me explain.  

I'm Plant-Based, My Partner Is Not: Can Our Relationship Survive?

February 9th, 2023

Every couple is faced to some degree with fundamental differences in terms of beliefs and values. Successful couples are able to respectfully negotiate, comprise on or resolve difficult issues. Many couples, however, are unable to work past major differences despite their best efforts. Others attend to differences in a very mindful way, yet for a range of reasons may decide that they are too great to overcome. Solvable issues or perpetual issues?

The Myth of Work Life Balance

February 9th, 2023

Work Life Happiness Recently I was asked to do a seminar on work/life balance for an organization. I happily accepted since the idea of balance had eluded me in my own life. I had certainly noticed a pattern of my work infringing on the things I loved the most, clearly I was out of balance!

Brainspotting . . .how the eyes can help you heal trauma

February 7th, 2023
In: Trauma

Brainspotting combines elements of neuroscience and body-based therapy to identify and target “brainspots”. Brainspots are areas of the brain believed to contain traumatic memories and responses. Through the use of eye movements, a trained therapist assists the client in confronting and releasing emotional blocks and traumas, while through helping them to reconnect with their emotional self.

The Yoga of Mental Health, the Mental Health of Yoga

September 12th, 2022

This post is a reflection and information sharing on the interconnections between the practice of mental health therapy and counselling, and the 8-limbed practice of modern yoga. This article is for people interested in Self-development and personal/collective evolution. Therapists and clients, and the general public, may find this an enriching read. Yoga teachers and practitioners may find it supportive of contextualizing and affirming modern western practices. The hope is that at bare minimum, the article is an opening which inspires further study and a broadening of perspective.

Emotional Boundaries

I often hear my clients say, “I can’t trust my decision making.” When I hear this, I start to ask them questions about what boundaries looked like in their family growing up, such as, “were you more on the strict/oppressive end of the spectrum where family members were controlled and dependence was promoted, or were you more on the empowering/relaxed end of the spectrum, where individuals were given freedom and independence, and growth was promoted within your family?”

Guilt vs Shame: How to Tell them Apart

July 28th, 2022

As a therapist, I often work with clients who struggle with guilt or shame. Although we might use shame and guilt interchangeably when we speak , there are some important distinctions between the two. Learning about the distinction between guilt and shame is an important part of our healing journey since it helps us to label our feelings more accurately and hopefully change some of our unhealthy beliefs about ourselves.


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