The Always/Never Trap in Communication

January 14th, 2024

Many of us (myself included) have used the accusation you always__ or you never __  in arguments with loved ones.  This is an all too common response and if used consistently will erode trust and connection in an intimate relationship.  You have likely been given well-meaning advice about not using these words and how they damage communication.  However, how many of you are successful in doing that? 

You Don't Like Downtime, and You're Exhausted

Have you ever noticed that you don't like being alone? The thought of downtime or quiettime is overwhelming and you'll do anything you can to avoid it. Maybe you find you fill your space and time with work, friend, your kids...and when they're all busy, you still find places or spaces to be, so you don't have to be alone. This might mean a place like Costco, or it could just mean plugging in the vaccum so you can feel like you're doing something and you're avoiding any thoughts or emotions that might be felt in the quiet.

Discovering childhood anxiety: understanding the main causes and effective treatment strategies

December 17th, 2023
In: Anxiety

Anxiety in children is a common and complex issue that can appear in different forms and affect their emotional health and daily life. While many factors contribute to childhood anxiety, one important reason stands out among its complexity.

Addressing Loneliness through Group Therapy

  Loneliness is a universal emotion experienced by individuals in various situations and at different times. Despite being in the company of others, this emotion can persist, causing internal distress. There are moments when this sense of isolation intensifies, leaving us in solitude and affecting various aspects of our lives. 

Navigating the Holidays as Your Kids Grow Up

Anticipating the holiday season can bring an array of emotions, thoughts and expectations. You might love family traditions, reflecting with joy and that warm tingly feeling in your body. You know it as a season where everyone is happy (well, mostly) and can't wait for jammie days, movie marathons, board games and probably a little (lot) of holiday food. It's wonderful!

Should Boundaries Leave You Feeling Guilty?

You notice you’re struggling to say ‘no’ when friends, family members, co-workers, your partner or even your kids need something. Your head wants to say ‘yes’ to their request. But your heart (emotions, energy, joy) might be noticing it’s feeling more resentful than joyful. You often say yes anyway, because that’s what people expect and if you don’t do (fill-in-the-blank), who will? (This is an inner thought you might have noticed.)

Understanding the challenges of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. Having worked with breast cancer patients since 2017, I have heard from so many patients about how this disease has impacted them. I thought I would share a few themes that I have noticed over the years (in no particular order):

Attachment Styles within Relationships

You might notice that at times, in particular with your partner, you just don't seem to connect well. Arguments that started out of nowhere, leave you feeling like you're spinning. When you're noticing a rupture after an argument, the way you try to reconnect or repair it and the way your friend or partner might try to do so, causes more miscommunication than you before you made this attempt. So disheartening! This is most likely a product of your early childhood experiences...of what happened to you. 


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