Why am I depressed recently?

May 3rd, 2016

A whopping 70% of Canadians experience feelings of depression at some point in their lives. It may be a one time event or it may recur when certain stressors arise.

We may very well be depressed as a result of an incident that we had no or little control over, such as losing a job, experiencing a break-up, or being abused. These kinds of traumatic events can change our beliefs in the world and in ourselves. We end up with lower self-esteem and a feeling of being stuck. It's harder to see the path we were on. 

The anxiety that gets stirred up by the event goes hand and hand with depression. Some days we feel so paralyzed by the tenseness in our body and fear for our future that we get stuck in bed and never want to wake up. Anxiety and depression vacillate like that.

Whatever the cause, depression is a signal that our system is out of sync. Getting to the root of the depression- understanding why our system became out of whack in the first place- can be very relieving.

At the same time as learning insight it can be very helpful to gain coping skills to use in your day to day life. These skills involve becoming aware of the parts of your system- your body, thoughts, emotions, spirit, and social support- and learning how to strengthen those parts to become resources, rather than hindrances. Over time these skills become second nature and can be the key to getting you back to feeling alive and present in your body. In no time you'll be back to feeling connected to yourself and others and to feeling hopeful for your future.

No one should have to face depression alone. Talk to someone who gets it. Just having someone accept you for who you are can help ignite change networks in your brain and start you on your journey to getting back to your best self. 







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