Find Your Inner Peace

March 29th, 2020

In this time of change we are bombarded with information, some factual, some fictional, some designed to get a reaction. If you feel unsettled or fearful, make a decision to be particular about the information you expose yourself to.

Find moments in your day to decompress from the intense energy all around us.

Sit or lie in a quiet space.

Notice your breath.

Follow the way your body is breathing.

Notice how it feels to breathe in from your nose out through your mouth.

Notice the temperature of your breath.

Feel the chair or floor or bed beneath you.

Continue breathing.

Consider saying silently in your mind;

In this moment I am safe

In this moment I am here.

In this moment I am with me.

As you continue to repeat this simple process many become aware that their mind and body begin to release tension and calm down.

During this changing time I will be there to help where I can. I work from a secure virtual site or by telephone and am open to talking about fees while we are in this unique situation.


Jill Arnold
Jill Arnold RCC
401-14022 32 Avenue, South Surrey, V4P 1B7

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