Creating a Life You Like

February 27th, 2016


I like my life.

It's hard sometimes. I'm in the stage of my life where I am parenting two young kids.

But I've created a life that contains the things that I value most:

  1. Health - physical and mental.
  2. Connection to people who are good for me.
  3. Spending much of my time with my young family.
  4. Filling my bucket with creative activities and meaningful work.

Q: How did you create a life you like?

Being a counsellor helps. I walk alongside people while they grieve very difficult events. It's a constant reminder to me to that life is short. If I'm not sure about committing myself to something I consider if it's something I'd want to spend time on if I knew I had a short time to live.

Being surrounded by people with similar values helps. Both my husband and I put time with family above owning houses or cars. We both want one of us to be able to be home with the kids for most of the week for mental health and stability.

I have to keep my bucket full too - so I can continue giving to my family. What fills my bucket?

  1. Counselling clients
  2. Talking with friends and parents,
  3. Swimming with my kids or on my own
  4. Creating - whether crafts, blogs, workshops, baked treats for recess, or house decorations

My kids help too. They just want to play. They want to hear stories. They want to dance.

They keep me outdoors, playing, creating, moving, dancing, singing, reading aloud and laughing.

I have had a lot of help creating a life I like.

What about you? If these are important to you:

Are you physically and psychologically healthy?

Are you connected with people who are good for you?

Are you spending most of your time doing what you like?

Are you filling your bucket?

If your answers are no but you wish they were yes, there's no time like the present to start creating a life you like.

Let me know if you want to work on this together.





Natalie Hansen
Natalie Hansen Counselling
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