Why would I want to see a Jungian therapist?

Life can be tremendously difficult and dis-orienting and sometimes the accumulated loss and grief that piles up as we live our lives can be almost too much to bear. We try to resolve the suffering in our lives with all sorts of coping mechanisms and some of them work pretty well, for a while, but sometimes we reach the end of our conscious ability to move forward. We might feel stuck, or lost, or out of control.

Carl Jung suggested that much of our human suffering actually has some glimmer of wisdom within it and he developed a way to "confront the unconscious" in order to unearth the precious treasure within our most difficult life experiences. 

Jungian psychotherapy is the process of restoring a healthy balance between unconscious and conscious parts of our total personality. It’s not about becoming perfect, but it is about our quest toward wholeness. 

Through this process of Jungian-oriented psychotherapy we witness together the hour by hour stirrings of the soul and we honour and amplify what emerges through matching it with our own creativity through expressive processes that let our inner world truly live and breath. The result can be increased consciousness, a more flexible attitude to suffering, creative insight, a deeper sense of meaning and a more profoundly healthy and fulfilling life.


Any life circumstance that blocks one from their fullness and depth of meaning can be a good starting point for a Jungian-oriented approach. If you are prepared to undergo a descent into the depths of the psyche and encounter the images in the unconscious in an effort to become more conscious, then Jungian psychotherapy is a robust and appropriate alchemical vessel for this journey.