Self-Esteem from an ESM Perspective

 - (excerpt from upcoming Energetic Self-Manifestation (ESM) Handbook)

Healthy Self-esteem exists when we are naturally free to connect authentically with ourselves and the world. We speak our truth with confidence and we are not vulnerable to the social pressure of those who would have us speak a different truth.

In contrast, Low Self-esteem stems from a separation from an awareness of Self. Each time we deny ourselves (e.g. in a failure to express our Truth), we create more separation. As a result, our perceptions of Self become dulled and distorted. The building blocks for achieving Healthy Self-esteem includes the following:

1.     We are Energy.

We need to recognize that “we are Energy” with all the implications which this holds for us.

2.     We are Creators.

We need to recognize that because we are Energy, we are also Creators. 

We create through our thoughts and beliefs. It is important to remember that we are constantly creating whether it is from our Wholeness (which is Love) or from our Wounds (which is Fear). In recognizing ourselves as Creators, we see ourselves as the Solution, i.e. “If I created it, I can change it”.

3.     We commit to a Journey of Self-Love.

This journey involves: a.     Allowing up the contrast within us.b.     Meeting our Self-Limiting Beliefsc.     Honouring the Truth we know. This Journey connects us with our Authentic Self and it is in our awareness of Self that we feel free to express and act upon our Truth. We express our joy within our connections. Basically, we know that we are free to be ourselves. We simply do not consider being any other way. In our commitment to a Journey of Self-Love, we make a conscious choice to get to know the contrast within. By allowing the contrast to come up, we are allowing up what we would deem to be “the good, the bad and the ugly” within us. In this way, we are participating in an energetic process which enables us to truly get to know ourselves. Resistance to allowing up the contrast occurs when we are still in judgement about parts of ourselves. We are creating from that place of judgement which is always fear-based. As a result, the only change which happens is undesirable. We cannot create what we truly desire when we create from self-limiting, fear-based beliefs within us. We need to be containers for our judgement. This means that even though we are aware of feeling a big charge – including self-righteous indignation - we choose to be a container for our judgements, recognizing that they are self-limiting beliefs. All beliefs are only information and it is through our judgements of right and wrong that feelings develop. The level of contrast in our outer world is a reflection of the level of contrast within us. In allowing up the contrast, we are meeting the self-limiting beliefs as we reveal them to ourselves. One such self-limiting belief may be as follows: “I am not allowed to speak my Truth because if I do, I will not be accepted. I need to compromise or water down my Truth because I do not want to upset the apple cart, the majority. I do not feel I am enough. I do not see myself as big enough to fight” The foregoing self-limiting belief arises out of a perceived need for protection which is incongruent with Universal Law (i.e.,  Love has no fear). In protection, there is something to be afraid of. There is the presence of fear-based beliefs. To meet our self-limiting beliefs is to first recognize or become aware of and then to reflect upon the beliefs which come up in us. Then we are in the position to consciously decide what is true and not true for us. In meeting our self-limiting beliefs, we can begin to consciously honour our newly recognized Truth. This becomes the Truth we know. In speaking and acting upon our Truth, we align ourselves with our Authentic Self. Our Authentic Self is the parts of us that see ourselves as the Solution. So, when we begin to connect with Self and to honour that Self in us, we simultaneously increase the energetic expansion and awareness of the Collective Mind. In this way, we increase our awareness of the Wholeness Factor within the Collective on the planet. One of the components of low self-esteem is the self-limiting belief that we have to connect with a community of some sort whether political, belief or work-related in order to feel complete or fulfilled. In contrast, the Wholeness perspective is aware of the absolute necessity of knowing ourselves as an individual Creator, first, and of relating to ourselves through ownership and accountability. We need to honour what we know through acting upon it. This is Authenticity. Only then are we connecting with our communities Authentically. Only then are we living in our Truth. It is important to recognize that our self-esteem is a signal of or expression for the presence of self-limiting beliefs. Low self-esteem is one of the outward expressions of a self-limiting belief system.

We show Steps of Maturity when we begin to relate back to ourselves for creating needed changes rather than looking outside ourselves for someone else to change. In Steps of Maturity, then, we relate back to ourselves as the Creator of the issue.