Despite the fact that medical science can keep us alive longer ~ only by taking personal responsibility for our health and well-being can individuals make that extra time useful and enjoyable.



Healthy Living Stress Management Strategies  


Stress is a part of our modern lifestyles, but being stressed out does not have to be.  Many things in life are beyond our control ~ especially the behaviour of other people.  Rather than stressing out over others, why not focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to situations.


Reacting to difficult and challenging situations by feeling overwhelmed, becoming frazzled, distraught or anxious is not just a mental hazard ~ it is a physical one as well.  The more stressed out we are, the more vulnerable we are to viruses, infections and chronic or life-threatening illnesses leaving us less able to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of life.



Below are 5 Simple and Natural Strategies to Help Manage Stress


1. Puppy Love ~ Researchers have found that those who own a dog have lower blood pressure on average than those who do not.  Do not have a pooch of your own?  Then visit a friend’s or your local animal shelter.  Research has shown that petting an animal for just a couple of minutes can help to relieve stress.


2. Mindfulness ~ Heighten your awareness of the present moment by focusing intently on an object.  Notice the shape, colour, texture and smell of a fruit or slowly savour a piece of dark chocolate.  Mindfulness leads to relaxation.


3. Phone a Friend ~ Sharing your thoughts can give you perspective, alleviate your burdens and leave you feeling cared for.  Express your feelings and what you are going through with a trusted friend or your counsellor instead of keeping it bottled up can release stress, be cathartic and very therapeutic.


4. Tiptoe Through the Tulips ~ Tending to your garden can help you forget your problems and allows you commune with nature, a well known stress reliever.  If you are not into gardening, tend to a houseplant.  Plants = Growth = Cycle of Life.  Also plants are a nice reminder that stress and your current situation will change with time.


5. Create a Positive Affirmation ~ Short, clear, positive statements are a good way to silence the self critical voice that likes to rear its ugly head from time to time, that only contributes to our stress levels.  The next time you feel as if your life is spiraling out of control or on the brink of disaster, take a time out!  Do some deep belly breathing and recite an affirmation to yourself such as “I can handle this, I am calm and capable.” Or “I feel calm, capable and know that this too shall pass...”


Be Kind and Compassionate to Yourself!

Being kind and compassionate to yourself will ultimately result in your being kind and compassionate to others

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